At last – A comprehensive series of webinars designed for non-finance and finance staff. All staff involved in financial transactions, pricing decisions, buy/sell negotiations need to be aware of how taxes impact decision making. Awareness helps prevent financial loss.

*All times are AEDT/AEST (Sydney).

There are 2 sessions for each webinar, staff can choose to attend the morning or the afternoon sessions. Attendees will be limited to 30 per session, if more attendees register another session will be held the following morning


The webinar package is $2,750 (+GST) per council and that entitles council to 20 places over the webinar series. Good value at only $135 (+GST) per person per webinar. For example, the senior management accountant and the property manager both want to attend the morning property session on 8 December 2020. They register and login using their email address and that counts as two places out of the 20 available.  Extra places can be purchased, please enquire via info@genesisaccounting.com.au



To confirm your council’s registration click on the registration box below. You can nominate the staff attendees up to 2 business days prior to each webinar.




The content has been selected to cover the important topics that are most often the ones we advise councils clients about.  Each session includes comprehensive course materials.


GST for Accounts Payable staff – this webinar is a timely refresher for those who have been in Accounts Payable for some time and also a good training ground for new Accounts Payable officers.


GST & Grants - this webinar will delve into the detail of grants and appropriations, particularly those that are received from government departments. Downstream grants to community organisations will also be covered including the rules of when to mark up for GST. Councils often make mistakes with the documentation around downstream grants, this webinar will outline the principles you must follow in the brochure, advertising material, funding agreement and acquittal form.


GST & property - the greatest number of queries we receive is about GST and property. This is where the big dollars are and where the potential for council to lose money on a transaction is the greatest. Learn the principles around ordinary taxable sales, margin scheme, GST Free sales, input taxed sales, short and long term leases. Importantly learn the principles that property staff must know when negotiating to buy or sell property including strategies for auction sales.


GST & Aged Care - the rules around when client contributions are GST free is complex. This webinar covers a wide range of aged care topics and funding mechanisms such as HCP, CHSP and state HACC programs. NDIS is also covered and you will earn the principles around when and why income streams are GST free.  Learn the special rules around brokerage.


GST & Fees, Charges & Rates - learn the principles governing the taxation of council’s fees and charges from the ATO rulings obtained by us for more than 250 councils across Australia. Income streams encountered by rates staff is also included.


FBT - Fringe Benefits Tax is the annual nightmare that councils endure between April and late May every year. Don’t just pick up last year’s file and make the same mistakes! Learn the principles behind motor vehicles, dual cabs, exempt vehicles and car pooling. How about those logbooks, are they compliant? Learn when the provision of food and drink is merely sustenance and when it is entertainment. Why pay FBT on some portion of the Christmas party cost that is not subject to FBT. Are you sure council is eligible to claim exemption or concessions for remote housing, have all the conditions been met? How about education expenses – reimburse or pay an allowance?  Do you know which declarations are required and what they should contain? Learn it all in this three part series of webinars.


Payroll Tax - wages for council’s activities in water, sewer and cemeteries are not exempt from payroll tax. Discover how the tax is calculated, what wages and other payments such as super and FBT are taken into account and also the allocation of indirect overheads.  Did you know that contractor payments are included unless they fall into one of the exempt categories?


GST Q & A - this is your turn to choose the topics. Send in your questions and topic requests and these will be covered in the webinar. If there are more topics and questions than can be handled in a single webinar we will run another one

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